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Benefits of co-owning and not renting a luxury vacation home

Imagine enjoying and sharing a weekend with your family in your own vacation home, today we tell you the main benefits!

By Ancana, July 19, 2022

Imagine enjoying and sharing a weekend with your family in your own vacation home, today we tell you the main benefits!

Enjoying nature, the beach or sunny days in your favorite destination is part of the most tangible benefits of acquiring your vacation home. Having your own space is one of the best tools in which you can invest to create unique experiences with your loved ones.

Actually, there are a number of reasons why rightfully owning your luxury vacation home is hugely positive; today you can acquire the house of your dreams with Ancana for a fraction of the cost, acquiring your residence from co-owners is an intelligent way to invest your money without hurting your economy and obtain really substantial benefits.

If you would like to learn more about co-ownership, we invite you to read the following note: Fractional ownership explained

On this occasion we will tell you about some of the most important benefits that you should consider when purchasing a luxury vacation home.

Long-term financial benefits

In general, real estate fluctuates from year to year; however, vacation goods have a great opportunity to grow in value. This is thanks to the popular areas and cities in which a vacation home can be located, there is a range of appreciation that becomes an important benefit in the long term.

Close up male hand calculate the money for investment in property and mortgage. Finance and saving money for investment.

Here all the financial benefits of the fractional ownership: The 5 biggest financial advantages of co-owning your vacation home

Comfortable and Familiar

Comfort is a must when vacationing with your family, so owning a family vacation property makes this requirement that much easier with each stay.

Little girl with a broken leg on the couch. Mom, dad and two daughters draw on plaster with felt-tip pens. The whole family is having fun at home.

With Ancana you won’t have to worry about the other co-owners of your vacation home damaging any furniture or appliances on the property, since we take care of carrying out the communication, administration, operation and coordination for decision-making of the owners involved.

Making sure that when you plan your next return to your vacation property you can find it in the best possible conditions to make your vacation experience unique and pleasant.

Perfect for organizing gatherings

A vacation home is an excellent place to create family memories that last a lifetime, it is the perfect setting to start new traditions or celebrate important dates with your loved ones. And as the meetings become more and more constant and a tradition, it will be transmitted from generation to generation and that house will become a family heritage that will have the opportunity to be passed onto future generations to continue with the tradition.

Beautiful happy family gathered around the table, having Christmas dinner, enjoying their time together and the winter holiday season

Additional income

If you buy your luxury vacation home in a place that is quite attractive to other tourists/visitors in the area, you could choose to rent it during the time you are not using it, becoming an excellent source of additional income.

In addition, in some cases the expenses of renting a vacation home can be tax deductible.

Weekend getaways made easy

Once you have your own luxury vacation home, you don’t have to rack your brain thinking “Now where am I taking my family this weekend?” and on top of that make sure that that new place you go to has everything you need for you and your partner, children, nephews, cousins, etc.

Smiling mature man relaxing in armchair at the window at home

Now you really have complete freedom to choose the duration of the vacation and who vacations with you in your vacation home. In addition to that you will know very well where you arrive and if it will be equipped or not, so you will not have unwanted surprises.

Now that you know some of the most important benefits of acquiring your own luxury vacation home, we invite you to see the list of properties available for you to become co-owner of your next vacation home.

We help you find the perfect home of your dreams!

Owning a vacation home has never been this easy.

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