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Debunking myths about fractional ownership

We share the most popular myths about fractional ownership that will help you to know all the real benefits of being a co-owner of a vacation property.

By Ancana, November 15, 2022

We share the most popular myths about fractional ownership that will help you to know all the real benefits of being a co-owner of a vacation property.

The “Fractional Ownership” is the latest innovative way to share real estate without suffering from the hassles that one can go through when buying an entire property on their own.

In the fractional ownership model, the cost of ownership is shared, since you only pay for the portion of time you plan to use per year, once you complete the paperwork, that part of said property becomes yours to enjoy.

That this is different from what you might think of as a timeshare. Click here to see the key differences.

Here are some myths and facts about fractional ownership that you should know in order to discover if fractional ownership is right for you:


1. It’s like a timeshare

Unlike a timeshare, a fractional ownership is completely yours, you actually own a piece of the property at the same time that it is a financial investment with numerous long-term advantages, whereas with a timeshare you only pay for the time on property that is not and will never be yours. You will only have the right to use it for a short time.

If you would like to read more information about the differences between timeshares and fractional ownership, click the button below.

2. It is more expensive

While timeshares are an illiquid asset that can lose value over time, in the fractional scheme your investment will continue to increase as the years go by. In addition to the fact that the expenses are shared, so you will not have to pay more than the bill.

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3. I am not real owner

In a timeshare, the buyer is given the right to use the property for a certain period of time. However, the buyer does not and will not legally own the property. That, unlike fractional ownership, YOU ARE THE OWNER OF THE PROPERTY.

4. It will be very difficult to resell it

One of the great differences of having your fractional property is that when you resell your part of the property you will not have to deal with scammers, nor do endless steps and procedures to sell it, and much less you will lose money because you will not have it bad cheap as it happens with timeshares, this is thanks to the added value of the same property, your property will have a higher value than the one you initially acquired.


1. Smart investment

The fractional scheme allows you to buy a luxury property corresponding to the actual use that you will give it in the end. Instead of spending $775,095 USD on a high-end house in your favorite destination, you can buy your luxury vacation home and obtain many other benefits for 1/4 of the price and allocate the rest in other financial assets that best suit you, in this way way you manage to optimize your money in the best possible way.

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Also, instead of taking care of 100% of property taxes, insurance, maintenance, maintenance and general expenses; Acquiring your residence from co-owners allows you to share these expenses with the other co-owners, which means that you will only pay a fraction of the cost of maintenance and other additional services as we already mentioned. The expenses are divided among the co-owners according to the size of their fraction.

2. Rightful ownership

You are the legitimate owner of a piece of paradise in one of the most coveted tourist destinations and with the highest added value. And thanks to the fact that you are co-owner of a property you will begin to build generational wealth, because you will be investing in real estate that becomes a great economic asset for the protection and financial stability of your family in the long term, in this way you will be building and adding to your heritage.

3. Rental opportunity

You will have the opportunity to rent the weeks that you are not using your property, if you acquire your property through Ancana you will have access to our platform to generate additional income, you just have to contact the Ancana administration team directly and simply comment on the weeks you are interested in renting and the team will manage the rental process on your behalf. All rental income will go to your account.

4. Ease of resale

Each fraction of the property can be obtained by resale from 10% to 30% additional on the original price thanks to the added value of the area. Fractions purchased through Ancana can be sold like any real estate. You set the price and the profits are yours. Ancana can help you with the sale given our extensive database of qualified potential buyers who may be interested in the property or if you wish you can sell your part on your own.

5. Capital gain 

In the fractional scheme, the resale value of the property is the market value, that is, you will be able to enjoy the financial benefit of the appreciation. The cadastral value of a property can rise from 10% onwards year after year, of course this will depend on the economic conditions of each state, but for example: in Mexico there have been annual increases between 15% and 30%.

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At Ancana we guarantee that each of the properties we offer are strategically located in the areas with the highest added value and urban growth, so that your property becomes a profitable asset with a high added value.

We invite you to see the list of properties available for you to become co-owner of your next vacation home in your favorite vacation destination. We help you find the perfect home of your dreams!

Owning a vacation home has never been this easy.

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