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Get to know everything about the holiday seasons before investing in tourist properties

By taking into account the holiday seasons, you will be able to calculate with much more precision the profits you obtain when investing in holiday properties in tourist destinations.

By Ancana, November 22, 2022

By taking into account the holiday seasons, you will be able to calculate with much more precision the profits you obtain when investing in holiday properties in tourist destinations.

Real estate and investment experts comment that investing in real estate always is and will be an excellent decision to protect your money from the different economic events that can happen in the country or even worldwide. And by investing in a vacation real estate you will be able to improve the opportunity to increase your return on investment.

In fact, Mexico is considered one of the best countries to invest in vacation properties, since it has tourist destinations that receive millions of tourists a year. Causing the demand for hosting to be really high, becoming an excellent business opportunity. This includes hotels, rental apartments and vacation homes.

So in the end, investing in a property near the beach or in any popular tourist destination can become a reliable source of additional income.

But to invest in the tourist real estate market, you must know very well how the holiday seasons work, this is so that you can more successfully calculate the profits that you will be generating from said investment throughout the year.

That the forecasts of the holiday seasons is not a mandatory rule that applies to all destinations, this means that for each destination it can vary between high, medium or low season in a specific month. Below we explain the different holiday seasons that exist:


It is defined as that in which we can observe very high numbers of visitors in the tourist destination. This thanks to the default holidays in the calendar, such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc. It stands out for having a high demand for occupancy, because many families take advantage of this type of vacation to leave their own city.

Happy friends group walking at city on Christmas vacation - Winter life style concept with multicultural young people wearing red santa hats having fun holiday together outdoors - Warm bright filter


The middle holiday season is just before and after the high season, because there are a good number of tourists visiting the destination, however, it is to a lesser extent. Generally the prices of flights and lodging drop a bit, in fact we could even see discounts to encourage tourism.

Many people prefer to plan their vacations in this season to take full advantage of the weather that the destination may be having, so in effect there will be a moderate amount of tourists.

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In this season, unlike the other two, it is where we will see a smaller influx of tourists in the destination, precisely on non-holiday dates. Many tourists prefer to avoid crowds, so some will prefer to travel during this season, however, it is the season that is least used to travel because the weather will not be the most pleasant for most destinations.

Sunrise over the ocean on dream beach vacation with palmtrees and deckchairs

However, it must be considered that due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that a large part of the companies have changed their remote working modality, many people have opted to become digital nomads, traveling regardless of the season while they work, generating a certain frequency of demand for rent. This is where we could see an additional increase in income when investing in a tourist destination.

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Now that you know the definition of each holiday season, you can start calculating the profitability of the properties based on the influx of tourists in each destination. Our recommendation is to research the destination very well before investing and taking into account the occupation it will have. the vacation site during the year you can give it the boost that is required in the lowest seasons. If you manage to have your property occupied frequently, its profitability will be much higher as a vacation rental.

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Owning a vacation home has never been this easy.

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