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How to own your own dream vacation home?

If you have ever dreamed of buying a second home so you can vacation with your family and/or friends, then this reading is for you! 

By Ancana, October 26, 2022

If you have ever dreamed of buying a second home so you can vacation with your family and/or friends, then this reading is for you! 

Many of us have dreamed of having a second home in our favorite vacation destination, whether in the mountains near a colonial town or in an aphrodisiac paradise near the beach, a place where we can go whenever we feel like it.

And making this dream come true is completely feasible; A vacation home can be not only a personal luxury but also an investment that brings long-term returns. Here are some tips to help you acquire the vacation home of your dreams.

Buy a second home

One way to have greater access and opportunity to acquire a luxury vacation home in the most coveted destinations is through fractional properties, thanks to this innovative real estate scheme you will have the possibility of owning a part of a real estate for a fraction of the cost, that is, instead of spending $752,047 USD for a 3-bedroom house in Puerto Escondido, you will only invest $150,409 USD for a quarter of the property.

Buying by fractions will allow you to use your house a quarter of the year and in the future you will be able to resell your part at market value, which grants a notable profit thanks to the annual appreciation of the property, with up to 20% appreciation in Touristic zones.

And if you do not want to sell your part of the property, you can also make use of it to create experiences that will last a lifetime in the company of your family and/or friends, obtaining the best vacations that go beyond what you have ever experienced and imagined, you will also have the right to rent it or inherit it to your children in order to start creating generational wealth.

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The concept itself is quite simple. The owners acquire the real estate in fractions, it can be from ¼ to 1/12 of the property. That fraction is converted into weeks of use per year. This means that if you buy a property for ¼ fraction, you will get 12 weeks of use. And for 1/12 of ownership you get 4 weeks of use per year.

If you want to learn more about how fractional ownership works, we recommend reading: Don’t Call It Timeshares: ‘Co-Owner Residences’ Is The New Way To Buy Vacation Homes by clicking here.

Another benefit of acquiring your fractional ownership is that through your purchase with ANCANA you will be able to have access to different premium services at the same time that you forget about dealing with administration and other operational tasks that involve keeping your second home in order and perfect. condition.

Learn more about these benefits by clicking here.

Find the perfect location

The location of this second property is of vital importance. In the first instance it should be a place that you love, perhaps a place that you definitely know and have traveled to before. Second, it must be a place where tourism is really frequent. The latter is convenient because in the event that you want to rent your house when you are not using it, it will be a factor that will influence whether or not to attract potential tourists.

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Some of the considerations you will need to take into account when determining where to buy a vacation home include:

  • Is it easy to come and go to my vacation home? If not, what are the implications involved?
  • What method of transportation would I require to go from the city where I live to my vacation home?
  • How long is the trip?
  • What points of interest are in the vicinity of the holiday home?

The best advice we can give you to determine if the property is located in an ideal place is to schedule a visit to the place. If, for example, you are thinking of buying a vacation home in Cancun, it is suggested that you can stay at least more than 2 days to explore the arrival routes and their surroundings. Buying a vacation home is a big investment and only visiting the destination once in a single day can be a mistake, as it is difficult to know if it is really a good option in a short period of time.

Find a suitable real estate agent

Buying a vacation home is really big and you need the best possible advice from the experts. Because having a top-notch real estate agent who has experience will make a big difference when buying a vacation home.

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If you are thinking of buying a holiday home in ‘x’ tourist destination, it is essential that you understand the importance of choosing a top-level real estate agent in the area where you want to buy. You can connect with one of our Ancana expert advisors so that you can advise yourself in the best possible way, in a transparent, easy and secure way.

Just click the button below! Enter your information and we will put you in touch with a premium real estate agent to advise you on your next vacation home in your desired destination.

In conclusion…

Buying a vacation home is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. If you’re thinking about buying property this year or in the future, make sure you follow the tips above for buying a vacation home. It will make the decision and the process much easier than if you didn’t.

Visit our official ANCANA page to discover all the details and available tourist destinations.

Owning a vacation home has never been this easy.

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