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Real estate vs. cryptocurrencies. What is the best option to invest?

Discover all the advantages of investing in different assets such as real estate vs. cryptocurrencies

By Ancana, January 9, 2023

Discover all the advantages of investing in different assets such as real estate vs. cryptocurrencies

Whether you are just entering the world of investments or you are a professional investor, you should know that today there are different investment opportunities that allow you to diversify your portfolio and reduce different risks. Investing your savings or a certain amount of money is a way to ensure that your money is safe in a certain way and at the same time can multiply.

And sometimes it can be difficult to choose the smartest and most profitable investment for you. There are various asset classes, and many investors choose to spread their capital across multiple options. It is also important to keep in mind that there are short-term and long-term investments.

So this time we will talk about the differences between investing in cryptocurrencies vs. In real estate, let’s remember that each investment opportunity has its own return period, which is why they bring with them a set of advantages and disadvantages according to their nature. Read on to find out more!


Let’s start with the definition of cryptocurrencies, which are defined as a truly popular tool to invest in digital format, it is a currency that is used to purchase goods, services and as an online investment.

Set of cryptocurrencies with a golden bitcoin on the middle

There are more than 10,000 types of digital currencies, but among the best known are: Bitcoin, Carcano, Ethereum and Litecoin. In fact, Bitcoin is positioned as the most recognized and the one with the greatest value. All these currencies have one thing in common and that is that they tend to experience sudden spikes and drops in value.

The value is denominated according to the supply and demand of the buyers, this behavior in the market is what will help you generate great profits. Below we show you the most essential points that you should know about this asset:

It is a decentralized asset

One of the most important differences between cryptocurrencies vs. a conventional currency is that cryptocurrencies are not under the control and regulation of any bank.

Is anonymous

Cryptocurrency investors can transact without revealing anything about their identity, credit history, phone number, or spending habits.

Transactions are transparent

Blockchain technology includes the permanent storage of all cryptocurrency transactions, making them visible to everyone.

Some of the disadvantages of investing in cryptocurrencies are:

  • They are currencies that have multiple security problems. You risk losing your investments to hackers, digital glitches and viruses.
  • High volatility. And every investor knows that volatile assets are not considered good or stable investments. It means that its value can increase thousands of dollars and at the same time it can also drop suddenly.
  • Strict government regulations on this currency. Since cryptocurrencies are generally considered a challenge to conventional currency, some governments may restrict or completely prohibit any transactions with these assets in their respective currencies.


One of the most attractive and most beneficial characteristics of investing in real estate is that its value does not depreciate over time, quite the contrary, so you can obtain great returns depending on the location of the property, the modifications that are made and the demand of the area. So it is required to do a lot of research before investing.

Real estate concept. Buy, sell or rent a house. Home prices

In addition, you can generate returns by renting your property to obtain a constant cash flow, you can also resell it over time for a higher price or you can acquire land and then sell it when the appreciation of the space in which it is located is greater. What we highlight about this investment option is:

Safe long-term investment

You can keep the properties you invest in for several years as their value increases over the years.

Opportunity to generate monthly passive income

Buy, recondition and rent, who wouldn’t want to receive a monthly check just for renting a property?

Fiscal benefits

Some real estate investors can get tax breaks based on what they own.

You receive inflation protection

Unlike other assets that depreciate over time and are victims of the consequences of rising inflation in the country, the real estate sector is one of the assets that behaves best with price increases. Click here to read more.

The disadvantages of investing in real estate are:

  • High acquisition cost. You will have to count a considerable amount of money for the investment. Some will think of resorting to mortgages or loans.
  • High maintenance cost. In any type of property which will be required on a regular basis, this can have a very high cost.

(This last disadvantage can be lessened when you buy fractional ownership, click here to learn more about investing in this type of real estate)

In the end, the way to choose the best investment option will depend a lot on the time and stability that you as an investor need, you must inform yourself in the most appropriate and conscious way about the pros and cons of each asset.

Would you like to know if investing in fractional ownership is right for you? Click the button below to find out.

And if you liked the artcile and would like to embark on a new path through real estate investments, visit Ancana’s official website so that one of our expert advisors will contact you in the shortest possible time and you can invest from now on!

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