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The 4 most spectacular tourist destinations to buy a vacation home in Mexico

Considering investing in a vacation property but still not sure where to buy? In this article we tell you the best 4 places to invest

By Ancana, September 14, 2022

Considering investing in a vacation property but still not sure where to buy? In this article we tell you the best 4 places to invest

Mexican culture is rich in many ways, its warm people, vibrant architecture, culinary heritage and spectacular landscapes make this a truly attractive vacation destination for both locals and foreigners.

We find climates and landscapes as versatile as the incredible colonial architecture of San Miguel de Allende, as the splendid seascapes of the Pacific. It is a true feast for all the senses, each destination offers a unique and memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

That is why today we show you the 7 best destinations to acquire your own vacation home in Mexico through Fractional Ownership.

1. Valle de Bravo 

Valle de Bravo is considered a “Magic Town” (Pueblo Mágico), located on the banks of the Balsa River, just over 15 km from Mexico City. Its incredible historical sites and beautiful landscapes make this place extremely relevant, becoming a perfect area to invest in real estate.

Valle de Bravo by itself is a sui-generis town, its cobbled streets, its narrow drumsticks, its white walls and tile roofs with pronounced eaves are distinctive of a typical Michoacán architecture that when combined with its relaxing landscape that borders its iconic lake makes this place especially unique.

All the activities, climate, and other tourist attractions that Valle de Bravo has to offer make this destination a perfect investment destination, that is, thanks to its great and continuous growth, you will be able to take advantage of its appreciation potential, which will increase year after year.

Fairway 5 propiedad de lujo disponible por 1/4 fraction in Ancana
Fairway 5 luxury property available for sale for 1/4 fraction in Ancana

2. Puerto Vallarta

The popularity of Puerto Vallarta has been on the rise in recent years, it is even one of the most sought after destinations by foreigners as the ideal place to vacation, either during the well-known “spring break”, December parties or simply for a getaway from the city. And although Los Cabos and Cancun have always positioned themselves as the most attractive destinations, Puerto Vallarta is among the best places to invest in the entire Mexican Republic, thus emerging as the largest real estate market.

The attractive landscapes of Puerto Vallarta have managed to captivate the foreign market, causing an increase in demand, leading it to a constant evolution and continuous growth. Acquiring a beach house or apartment not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy its waves and warm sun, but you will also have the possibility of taking advantage of excellent performance and optimal capital gains due to high demand.

Bolongo propiedad de lujo disponible por 1/8 de fracción en Ancana
Bolongo luxury property available for sale for 1/8 fraction in Ancana

3. San Miguel de Allende 

Let yourself fall in love with the beautiful and warm city of San Miguel de Allende. Its baroque charm blends in perfect harmony with the climate of the mountains, its exquisite gastronomy and its bohemian atmosphere make this place perfect for family vacations.

Thanks to its architectural beauty, in 1926 it was declared a “Protected Historic Town” by the Mexican government, so today modifications to the downtown facades are restricted, becoming a National Monument and Historic Zone since 1982.

And despite the pandemic, San Miguel de Allende reports fairly strong economic activity during 2020 in the industrial real estate segment. In fact, the state of Guanajuato has increased the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on average per inhabitant by 33.6% from 2003 to 2018.

Thus attracting foreign investment, obtaining a boost in the modernization of infrastructure and equipment for the development of the city.

Turning this beautiful colonial city into an economically ideal place to acquire the vacation home you always dreamed of having.

La Luminaria propiedad de lujo disponible por 1/4 de fracción en Ancana
La Luminaria luxury property available for sale for 1/4 fraction in Ancana

4. Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is considered a diamond in the rough as a tourist destination in Mexico. It has not yet been fully exploited commercially, so it has become a bohemian tourist site full of various natural spaces that conceive an entirely magical environment.

It is a city in constant growth both in the tourism market and in the real estate sector, which is reflected in the economy. In addition to hosting incredible adventures that you can experience every day, you will have the opportunity to visit hidden places, even try its exquisite and unique gourmet cuisine.

The current real estate offer in Puerto Escondido is enjoying an ideal stage of high demand and limited supply, allowing the real estate market to grow exponentially in a positive way. In fact, Puerto Escondido has exceeded 10% per year in real estate investment in the last 5 years and investments in stock markets by 4.6%, signifying a growing demand that allows for a high capital gain value.

Plataforma propiedad de lujo disponible por 1/4 de fracción en Ancana
Plataforma luxury property available for sale for 1/4 fraction in Ancana

In which of these places would you like to have your vacation home? What was your favorite tourist destination? With Ancana you can buy your own vacation home in a fractional scheme on any of these sites.

If you would like to learn more about Fractional Ownerships click here to read more and make the dream of owning your own vacation home a reality.

Owning a vacation home has never been this easy.

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