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The most spectacular beaches you can visit in Puerto Escondido

On your next trip to Puerto Escondido, schedule a tour of these top beaches that you can find on the site, which you will surely end up falling in love with even more.

By Ancana, November 15, 2022

On your next trip to Puerto Escondido, schedule a tour of these top beaches that you can find on the site, which you will surely end up falling in love with even more.

Puerto Escondido is a heavenly destination located in the south of Oaxaca, right on the Pacific Ocean. It is definitely one of the places that you will enjoy vacationing, since you will be much closer to nature, rest and total disconnection. And whether you like to surf, scuba dive or just soak up the sun, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Its warm climate, its warm water and all the tropical sensations that you seek to experience, you will find in this tourist destination. That is why we have listed the most beautiful beaches in the area, ordered from north to south, so that it allows you to understand in the best possible way what each beach has to offer both you and your family when you go on vacation. in this wonderful destination.


Bacocho Beach in Puerto Escondido brings us an almost endless stretch of shimmering snow-white sand and teal-blue waters, making it the longest and one of the most idyllic beaches in Puerto Escondido.

Playa Bacocho | Imagen extraída de
Playa Bacocho | Image extracted from

It doesn’t stand out as the best place to swim, as the waves can be quite big. Fortunately, there is a great beach club called Club de Playa Villasol where you can hang out and you will be able to enjoy a spectacular view of the ocean.

It is located 4 km west of the Puerto Escondido city center and is easily accessible by a paved road that leads directly to the coast.


Playa Coral is one of the virgin beaches in the area and visiting it definitely becomes an excellent option during your vacation in Puerto Escondido.

Playa Coral | Image extracted from
Playa Coral | Image extracted from

Featuring a secluded bay with calm waters, sugary soft sands and lush green surroundings. We consider Playa Coral to be a piece of paradise. The waves here are not as strong as in Bacocho, so it is ideal for swimming, although you should pay attention when the tides rise. The water is much calmer.

Coral Beach is located 4 km west of the Puerto Escondido city center and is easily accessible by paved road to the jump off point located at the top of the cliffs.


Playa Carrizalillo is the second most popular beach in the region and of course a must stop when visiting Puerto Escondido.

Playa Carrizalillo | Imagen extraída de
Playa Carrizalillo | Image extracted from

It’s a secluded beach lined with lively beachfront kiosks for your favorite drink, vibrant umbrellas, soft golden sands, medium-sized waves for surfers, and swaying coconut palms along the shoreline.

It is also considered the best beach for swimming in Puerto Escondido. The tide is not too strong and the waves are not too big. It is also the best place to surf for beginners with less intimidating waves.

If you have your own car or scooter rental, you can arrive in just 10 minutes by car or 1 hour on foot from the main tourist area of ​​Zicatela.

The entrance to Carrizalillo is at the end of the parking lot, where you will find some concrete stairs. From the top of the cliff to the bottom are approximately 160 steps that emerge into the golden sands of Carrizalillo beach.

Try to arrive before sunset so you can watch the sun melt into the Pacific. Seriously, the sunsets in Puerto are unreal from up there!


These two beaches are within the same bay, separated by a stone path. You can reach both beaches in a short taxi ride or by walking from La Rinconada. Once you get to the parking area, Puerto Angelito will be located on your right and Playa Manzanillo on your left. It is a local area with a very relaxed atmosphere.

Playa Manzanillo & Puerto Angelito | Image extracted from
Playa Manzanillo & Puerto Angelito | Image extracted from

With an idyllic little cove lined with a few fishing boats, a dozen kiosks, and calm waters, it’s the perfect spot for a day at the beach, swimming, and snorkeling.

It is an excellent place to spend a relaxed afternoon drinking cold coconuts. Snorkel rentals can be found at Josimar’s, a tour company behind the rocks near the beach.

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It is located southeast of Puerto Escondido, a few meters from the town center, it is an open sea beach approximately 4 km long and 30 to 40 meters wide; This beach is characterized by its fine gray sand and for being “THE” favorite Mexican beach for both national and foreign surfers

Playa Zicatela | Image extracted from
Playa Zicatela | Image extracted from

According to experts it is the best “beach break” in the world. Even surfers from the United States call it the “Mexpipe” or the “Mexican Pipeline”.


La Punta is located on the far left of Zicatela Beach, facing the sea. It is the southernmost beach in Puerto Escondido. And it is known by that name because of its peninsula shape that ends in a string of cliffs decorated with a lighthouse that serves as a guide for boats.

La Punta | Imagen extraída de
La Punta | Image extracted from

This is a relaxing area with a younger vibe, trendy restaurants, hip hangouts, and a few shops. There’s even a health food store called Moringa that has tasty and cheap vegan patties.

Visit La Punta Beach with your surfboard, enjoy its calm waters, appreciate its incredible sunset watching the sun fall on the sea and then walk barefoot through the bars to taste the best cocktails and flavors, feeling how the sun lies down in your body: who would not love to live this incredible and fabulous experience in this wonderful place in Puerto Escondido?


La Barra is an up and coming area in Puerto Escondido located to the southeast of La Punta Zicatela and although it is definitely not an area that is visited frequently, it can become the ideal place to get away from the crowd if you wish, it is a small and great to visit that is a bit less popular.

Playa la Barra | Image extracted from
Playa la Barra | Image extracted from

Most people don’t visit this beach which makes it even more special, it’s so beautiful.


Tierra Blanca is a rural beach on the outskirts of Puerto Escondido. To get there you would have to take a 30 minute SOUTH bus ride from the ADO bus station. Said bus will leave you on the side of the road. From there it is a fifteen-minute walk along a dirt road to the beach. But if you want, you can take a taxi or go in your own car.

Tierra Blanca | Image extracted from
Tierra Blanca | Image extracted from

When you arrive, you’ll be rewarded with a long stretch of empty coastline. Is awesome! You may see 5-10 people throughout the day. There is a quiet restaurant that serves food and you can enjoy during your visit.


Agua Blanca is popular for family outings on Sundays. There are even people who only visit this area for the seafood, which means that it is worth the trip. Discover traditional dishes based on fish, shrimp and lobster. Nearby, local fishermen fish for yellowtail tuna, oysters, and lobster. The locals also protect the olive ridley and leatherback turtle eggs.

Agua Blanca | Image extracted from
Agua Blanca | Image extracted from

Agua Blanca is known for its tide pools and fat oysters when they are in season, typically September through April.

What did you think? We hope you have taken note of the beaches you would like to visit on your next trip to Puerto Escondido and remember that with Ancana you can forget about reserving and paying for lodging, because for a fraction of the cost you can acquire a luxury vacation home in the most touristic places of Mexico and of course Puerto Escondido could not be missing.

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