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Why invest in a fractional vacation home this 2022?

Through real estate you can generate income in the short and long term, in addition to increasing your generational wealth. Discover more reasons to invest in your luxury vacation home!

By Ancana, August 17, 2022

Through real estate you can generate income in the short and long term, in addition to increasing your generational wealth. Discover more reasons to invest in your luxury vacation home!

Have you ever dreamed of having a vacation home in your favorite destination but you don’t end up investing for ‘x’ or ‘y’? Investing in a vacation home is not only a luxury that one can give oneself, but also by doing so it becomes an excellent long-term profitable business.

And the smartest way to invest your money is through fractional ownership, which is the innovative way to invest in luxury real estate without shelling out a fortune, as you’ll only be investing in a fraction of the ownership, which would equate to ‘x’ weeks of use per year.

Having a luxury vacation home in one of the tourist areas with the highest added value is more like an investment than an expense and this is because you are not only co-owner of a property but you can also increase your income on a monthly basis; We will give you some tips that can help you take that big step to acquire your fractional ownership where you always dreamed of.

Housing Cost Appreciation

Investing in a vacation home is much more profitable than investing in a property in the city for 3 reasons: the first is that its value is much more accessible, it is not the same to invest $5 million mexican pesos in an average house in the city than in a luxury house on the beach; secondly, you can put it up for rent at a higher price and thirdly, its capital gain will increase year after year.

The value of tourist properties in Mexico is revalued annually; in tourist areas such as Baja California and Quintana Roo you can find properties with an increase of 8% to 9%, and if these properties are located near the beach it can be up to 20%.

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Expenses are shared and are covered by themselves

Keep in mind that apartments or vacation homes need good maintenance to keep them in the best possible conditions. If you buy a vacation home on your own, the expenses will be absorbed 100% by yourself.

On the other hand, when buying a fractional ownership with Ancana, these expenses are divided among the other co-owners, in addition to the fact that Ancana will take care that at the moment of your arrival it is as pleasant as possible so that you only focus on enjoying with your family.

In addition to that when you do not use your property you can rent it by the day or weekly, obtaining additional income so that it is really worth it.

Man use calculators and documents that calculate expenses in the home office.

Forget spending on lodging

By having your own vacation home you will not have to worry about looking for a hotel, in fact with Ancana you will have the opportunity to live the experience of a hotel with the greatest possible comfort, without worrying about having everything ready and in order, because of that Ancana is taken care of at the time of your arrival.

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Optimize your money

One of the great advantages of investing in fractional ownership is that you invest smart in vacation homes, instead of buying a $12 million mexican pesos home on your own + maintenance costs, you can invest a quarter of that amount in a house in Tulum, another in Valle de Bravo and another in Los Cabos or wherever you want.

In this way you will obtain not only one house but several where you prefer, buying fractional properties.

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You will easily earn income streams

If you decide to rent the weeks that you will not be using your property, simply contact the Ancana management team directly and simply comment on the weeks you are interested in renting and the team will manage the rental process on your behalf. All rental income will go to the co-owner.

Saving concept the woman in a red top calculating monthly expense and income by using the calculator.

Buying your vacation home shouldn’t be a big complication, much less a headache, and for that we have a group of experts at your disposal who can help you find the vacation home of your dreams in your favorite destination. Visit the page now and schedule your visit!

Owning a vacation home has never been this easy.

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