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Why should you buy your vacation home with Ancana?

Discover all the benefits you will get when you buy your vacation home through Ancana, the fractional real estate marketplace.

By Ancana, September 21, 2022

Discover all the benefits you will get when you buy your vacation home through Ancana, the fractional real estate marketplace.

In a nutshell, Ancana is a marketplace for buying fully managed vacation homes through a fractional scheme. We find the best vacation homes, we handle the legal process to divide the house into fractions, we offer the best real estate and we manage the property.

We are managed by the fractional system, the most current and recent way of sharing real estate that is gradually becoming stronger and has all the potential to become a millennial improvement of being able to acquire a shared real estate in a more intelligent way.

Below we list the reasons why you should purchase your own vacation home through Ancana:

  1. Legitimate owner

You are the legitimate owner of a piece of paradise in one of the most coveted tourist destinations and with the highest added value. And thanks to the fact that you are co-owner of a property you will begin to build generational wealth, because you will be investing in real estate that becomes a great economic asset for the protection and financial stability of your family in the long term, in this way you will be building and adding to your heritage.

woman hand opening a door with keys
  1. Smart Investment

The fractional scheme allows you to buy a luxury property corresponding to the actual use that you will give it in the end. Instead of spending $748K USD on a high-end home in your favorite destination, you can buy your luxury vacation home and get many other benefits for 1/4 of the price and spend the rest on other financial assets that best suit you. In this way you will be able to optimize your money in the best possible way.

  1. We offer the best offer on the market.

In Ancana you can find fractional luxury properties from $77,998 USD for 1/12 fraction (such as Tepetate in Chapala), up to $470,246 USD for ⅛ fraction (such as Casa Palmar in Puerto Escondido). All these properties are furnished and ready to use, since they will have all the necessary accessories so that you can only enjoy yourself, you will find at your disposal everything from clean towels to accessories in the kitchen to organize a barbecue with the family. In addition to the fact that the investment cost includes legal and notary expenses, so you will not have to pay additional money.

Real estate agent offers you a new house. Businessman in suit protecting house model at office desk. Concept of real estate insurance.
  1. Property appreciation

In the fractional scheme, the resale value of the property is the market value, you will be able to enjoy the financial benefit of the appreciation. The cadastral value of a property can rise from 10% onwards year after year, of course this will depend on the economic conditions of each state, but for example: in Mexico there have been annual increases between 15% and 30%. At Ancana we guarantee that each of the properties we offer are strategically located in the areas with the highest added value and urban growth, so that your property becomes a profitable asset.

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  1. Carefully Managed Property

At Ancana we take care of the administration, maintenance and continuous cleaning of your property, so you would only worry about scheduling the dates on which you would like to enjoy your vacation home, arrive at your destination and enjoy a spectacular vacation; We guarantee a turnkey experience for all co-owners without having to deal with all the headaches that managing a long-distance property can entail if you were to purchase it on your own.

Real estate agent working in the office and piles of paperwork, model house on the foreground and mortgage loan documentation
  1. Luxury amenities

Each and every one of the properties we have have high-class amenities to ensure you spend a dream vacation like you never imagined and like you’ve always deserved. From a clubhouse with a pool, to gourmet restaurants and beach club. Our job is to select and always offer the best properties with the most exclusive amenities in the area.

Santa Elena luxury property available for sale for 1/4 fraction in Ancana
Santa Elena luxury property available for sale for 1/4 fraction in Ancana
  1. Shared maintenance and operation expenses

Instead of taking care of 100% of property taxes, insurance, maintenance and general expenses; purchasing your fractional ownership with Ancana allows you to split these expenses with the other owners, meaning you’ll only pay a fraction of the cost. We manage the expenses and they are divided among the co-owners according to the size of their fraction.

Los empresarios calculan los gastos diarios en la oficina.
  1. Flexible reservation system

Visit your home on the most important dates for you. Ancana’s flexible reservation system allows you to book your visits from 2 days or up to 2 years in advance, all from the comfort of your home through your mobile device.

  1. Personalized and exclusive customer service

We will be available for whatever you need during your stay in your vacation home, thanks to our exclusive customer service in which you can contact us whenever you need and an expert will attend to all your concerns and needs you may have regarding your experience in the property.

Business customer service representative placing four wooden cut circles with contact and information icons on them in a row.
  1. Premium concierge service

The luxury concierge service will be 100% at your disposal from your arrival, whether you need transportation service for transfers from the airport to your vacation home or if you require additional services such as a chef at your disposal or schedule tours o additional activities with your family; whatever you additionally require during your stay at home, we will be there to plan and execute the logistics involved in each service.

Close up photo of modern hotel reception counter desk
  1. Ease of resale

Each fraction of the property can be obtained by resale from 10% to 30% additional on the original price thanks to the added value of the area. Fractions purchased through Ancana can be sold like any real estate. You set the price and the profits are yours. Ancana can help you with the sale given our extensive database of qualified potential buyers who may be interested in the property or if you wish you can sell your part on your own.

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  1. Rental opportunity

You will have the opportunity to rent the weeks that you are not using your property through our platform so that you can generate additional income, you just have to contact the Ancana administration team directly and simply comment on the weeks that you are interested in renting and the team will take care of it to manage the rental process on your behalf. All rental income will go to the co-owner.

Rent a house concept. Real estate market

*Only applies to some properties.

Now that you know some of the most important benefits of acquiring your own luxury vacation home with Ancana, we invite you to see the list of properties available for you to become co-owner of your next vacation home in your favorite vacation destination.

And if you still have doubts about how the fractional scheme works, we invite you to read the note: Residence of co-owners explained by clicking here.

We help you find the perfect home of your dreams!

Owning a vacation home has never been this easy.

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